BRONZE - £50

This is my entry level service in which I focus on ensuring the bike is safe to ride. All bolts are tightened to recommended torque, brakes and gears are adjusted / setup, to keep them functioning correctly. All unwanted play in your headset will be removed and you will be advised of any parts that would ideally need replacing. If the part that needs replacing is detrimental to the bike’s safety, it will be replaced with your agreement. 

SILVER - £100

This is my middle of the range service. Everything in the Level 1 service will be covered, with the addition of your wheels being trued and your drive chain being fully degreased.

GOLD - £150

This is my top of the range service. Here, no part is left unturned. The bike will receive a full strip down and rebuild, ensuring your headset, hubs and bottom bracket are re-greased and reinstalled. You will get your bike back feeling better than new.



    *All prices are for LABOUR ONLY. Any parts that are found to require replacement are not included in the price. We will be pleased to quote you for the cost to replace any parts needed before proceeding with any work.

After a service which isn't listed? Please feel free to contact us for a quote.