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I am a Cytech 3 qualified, professional bike mechanic, within the cycling industry who has a genuine passion for cycling and the sport. My years of experience as a bicycle mechanic in a workshop, and being in and around bike shops, enables me to deliver exceptional quality service to all clients, with a commitment to maintaining the highest standard of bicycle maintenance. 

All bicycles are worthy of bike service, whether they are new or old. Some may need a tune up, and some may need a complete bicycle strip down, but they are all welcome at The Bike Lab.

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Premium Bicycle Servicing available from: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday to Friday

Premium Bike Servicing and Repairs In Surrey

Phone: 07597349644


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Know a young racer?

If your child competes on a bike and is under the age of 16, I offer 15% off of all labour charges to help keep the costs down and their bikes running smooth ready for race day.